The Stanford Inn

In April 2010 the owners, Tony and Becky Granger, contacted A.P.I. about performing an investigation to validate the claims of paranormal activity they had received from guests as well as from local Bartow folklore…

The Grainger's pay attention to every detail at the Stanford Inn by maintaining its elegance and its irreplaceable position in Bartow's history. Along with the local history, the Inn received attention in the motion picture, "My Girl", which was filmed on location at the inn. "My Girl" starred Dan Aykroyd, Macaulay Culkin, and Jamie Lee Curtis. With all that history, some long time guests have decided to stay…

A.P.I. conducted three investigations and all produced some very interesting evidence including disembodied voices, along with some video anomalies that could not be explained. If you ever find yourself looking for a unique, relaxing way to spend a weekend or a charming lunch or Sunday brunch in the Tea Room, check into the Stanford Inn.

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Just following the equipment set-up during the first investigation, the team broke for dinner while all equipment was left recording. While we were away, the lamp next to the piano was turned on and stayed on for about 43 minutes and then turned off . There was no one in the room at the time and the lamp was not on a timer. The sound recorded when the lamp turned on matched the sound of the switch that turned on that particular lamp. The lamp and its switch were visible to our cameras the entire time and revealed no reasonable explanation for it coming on…
During the first investigation, when Lisa and Sonya were conducting an EVP session in the master bedroom, a male voice was recorded laughing in response to something they were saying. A strong male presence has always been sensed in that room. If you listen to the EVP, you will hear Sonya say, "I did close my eyes? But I wasn't asleep...". At that point you will hear a male voice laugh...

Laugh In the Master Bedroom
This picture was taken with a full spectrum camera. Notice the door frame is in focus, but in the center of the doorway there is a mist creating this image. Pictures taken before and after this shot did not contain the same anomaly.

Guests for years have reported hearing what sounds like a party going on at various times of night in the dining and bar area of the Stanford. The Wilson's were known for lavish parties and entertained often at their home. In the attached EVP, you will hear what we believe to be a woman's voice laughing in the dining room bar area. This EVP was recorded while the home was empty and under video surveillance. No evidence was captured on video in this area.

The second EVP was captured while Larry and Cliff were investigating some whispers first heard in the kitchen area. A male voice was recorded saying what is believed to be, 'Remember grouper'. Neither Cliff nor Larry heard anything at the time, but discovered the voice (actually on the recording twice) when reviewing the recording later.

At the time, 'Remember grouper' made little or no sense; however, further research of the Wilson family revealed that a close family friend named 'Cooper' had passed away suddenly years ago. It would be a safe bet to think the voice wants us to 'remember Cooper'.

Sounds Like A Party Remember Cooper
Photo of Girl

API asked our friends at Florida Heartland Paranormal (FHP) to lend a hand on the Stanford Inn investigation by giving us a second opinion investigation. Using similar investigation techniques, FHP gathered some impressive evidence, including one of the best pieces of photographic evidence ever taken during our series of investigations inn. The picture to the left was taken by David Gray of Florida Heartland Paranormal, and it appears to have captured an apparition of a young girl running from the dining room into the hallway by the stairs. On the right side of the picture you can see the figure.

FHP prides itself with their expertise and mastery of researching family trees, and they were able to provide us with some very valuable genealogical information on the Wilson family. Thank you FHP.